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Bloomington, Indiana plant-based resources

  • BloomingVeg is a Bloomington, Indiana vegan group that publishes a Dining Guide.
  • Glen Merzer is a Bloomington-based author of a number of related books including Own Your Health. He's also a regular at PEA Pod events.
  • Plant-Smart is a Bloomington-based plant-based food business. Find their Cheezilla and Nachella products in the local Fresh Thyme. The owner Alex is another PEA Pod regular.
  • For growing local plants, the Indiana Native Plant Society and Monroe County Master Gardener Association are both active in the area. Folks from both groups regularly attend PEA Pod events as well.
  • The Owlery is Bloomington's only restaurant serving exclusively vegetarian and vegan food. Try the Peanut Veggie Bowl as whole-foods menu item.
  • Bloomington has a number of farmer's markets where you can buy fresh, local fruits and vegetables to eat.