About PEA Pod

PEA Pod is an independent group (“Pod”), created to provide support to people following (or exploring) a whole food, plant-based way of eating. We are affiliated with PlantPure Communities (PPC) and support its mission of empowering and helping to educate people about the health and environmental benefits of a whole food, plant-based way of eating.

PlantPure Communities

Watch the 4-minute video to learn more about the original vision for PlantPure Communities

Food Philosophy

We follow the Culinary Philosophy of PlantPure Communities, which advocates a whole food, plant-based diet, without animal products, which consists of: Vegetables, including: Leafy greens, Fruits, Whole grains, Legumes/beans, Nuts, and Seeds.

In addition, this way of eating allows for modest levels of added salt and sugar, based on the assumption that as people experience the benefits of this diet, they will do their best to reduce these ingredients as much as possible over time.

Although this way of eating allows a rich abundance of food choice, the only ingredient we advocate avoiding as much as possible is added oil. This ingredient is not necessary to the creation of great-tasting meals; it is possible to create flavor without using oil.