April 23, 2023 PEA Pod Picnic

We're Joining BloomingVeg's Potluck for the Planet !

Sunday, April 23, 1-3:00 PM

In lieu of doing our own get-together this month, we're encouraging you to join our Bloomington sister group, BloomingVeg, for the Potluck for the Planet picnic. For information on the event, here's the link: https://bloomingveg.org/events/potluck-for-the-planet?fbclid=IwAR1s7giDPD5sXj-cHwpUAJMrwslX0kADrR_YAngjoukh0_KXPncZ3Sh-KNk.

What to Bring

  • Plate and utensils for yourself
  • Beverage for yourself
  • Vegan food to share (no animal-based products) or food just for yourself if you’re not in picnic mode yet, totally up to you! Note for PEA Podders, we also focus on Whole Food, Plant-Based and no oil.
  • If you do bring food to share, please bring the appropriate serving utensils.

Where to Go

The picnic will be in Bloomington's Bryan Park, specifically in the Woodlawn Shelter. Here is the area on Google Maps, and here is a pdf map of the park itself.

❤️  Have friends that may be interested in joining us?

📫  Please forward this and let them know where they can join us for future events (hint: it's here).

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